Confederate States Kibler Pack

As war loomed on the horizon, Southern leaders quickly realized the need for southern made war equipment.

All of the articles of war would have to be manufactured in whatever capacity they could. Again knapsacks were no exception.

     The Kibler pack, as it is known today, is a southern made "copy" of a preexisting Federal pack most closely associated with the Mexican War pack, featured on our site.
There are some main differences in the Kibler pack. These are that large single pieces of leather are not used on the harness. Smaller more easily obtained pieces are used and sewn together.
The painted or tarred canvas finish wasn't done on the interior of the pack, only the outside facing the elements. Bone buttons were used as brass and copper became needed for other war material.
     This pack measures 12x14 x4  ,with Bone buttons on inner flap and cotton  twill ties on cover flap.
     Our model normally comes with:
            the " Richmond" style harness
            Hand sewn using "bullet' stitch pattern and iron hardware 
           11/4 roller buckles and 5/8 chest strap. 
      If you wish you can order the Mexican War pattern harness in blackened finish or oiled or in "London" tan at no extra charge.
Example found in "Echos of Glory " C.S. edition.