S. Isaac, Campbell & Co.

Saul Issac was a contract equipment maker for the British Army. This style pack saw wide usage in a Crimean War as well as campaigns throughout India and China. Campbell was one of the largest producers of goods that were made to run the Union naval blockade of the Confederacy. This pack was also purchased in the North, where it was issued to several states militia regiments.
     This pack is produced in linen as per the original with a wood frame insert.  It also has black leather attachments and rigging and extensive hand detailing throughout.

The British War Department passed information concerning  any regulation or equipment changes by way of what was called a Circular Letter,      The  Circular of October 3rd. 1854 described and illustrated a new pattern of knapsack 15x12.5 x3 inches .  In 1856 a wooden stick, varnished, and sometimes painted black with a leather guard  strip were added to the top of the pack and the Y straps in white and black leather were made removable along with other small alterations to the design. this was the last pattern used until 1870.                       
Source:      Soldiers' Accoutrements of the British Army 1750-1900.    Pierre Turner   
Strap system for the blanket roll/overcoat and mess kit & cover (not included) can easily be added to your pack. you can purchase these separately.


Back View                                                                                                                    
                                         Front View


Interior View  

                                           $295.00  black leather


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            Mess Kit Cover   $60.00

Blanket Rig $60.00
Mess Kit Harness $25.00 

1857 pattern cap pouch   $60.00

Imported English yew is used for frames

There were other providers of the British pattern pack such as  A. Ross & co. ,  W.Silver &Co.  as well as actual British Military Surplus  equipment  that was imported.  These other Contractors goods had slight variations in design and materials and actual use of the internal frame  from the   I&C contract pack.  We offer these other models as well and can discuss the variants with you  if you might choose something different from the norm.

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