"Pace" Army of Northern Virginia Hard-Pack

Knapsack of Pvt. Charles A. Pace  (1838-1862) --Pack copied from original in Museum of The Confederacy Richmond Virginia....16 x 13 x3 1/2        Russet bridle leather used throughout , unique use of blue jeancloth for inner protective flap and striped cotton pocket sewn to leather outer flap.   as an accessory we are offering the Militia style "meat tin" messkit that was issued with the pack with matching harness and sling  as well as an treated canvas cover for the messkit . These items can be found on our accessories page

Front View

Side View

strap view
$250.00 USD
Lower Back View
$250.00 USD

 With Mess Kit and Bed Roll
                  (not included)
* "Bed Roll & Mess kit (not included)"
 Open Inside view
Open Inside view
 C.S. meat tin cover
C.S. meat tin $40.00
C.S. meat tin cover $60.00

$250.00 USD

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