French Packs

French Calfskin Knapsacks,
     At the onset of the war the U.S. Quartermaster ordered 10,000 complete uniforms from Paris, Which consisted of caps, jackets ,pants , leathers,cleaning brushes ,shoes, canteens and hair covered knapsacks as well as other uniform items. The order was filled and arrived in November 1861. 
     These uniform sets were first issued to the 83rd Pennsylvania, 62nd Pennsylvania and 18th Massachusetts.    The knapsacks being made of black veilskin for "Les Chasseurs and Le Zouaves".  The Federal troops found the actual uniforms for the most part too small and they were returned to the Q.M. Dept but it is believed the other equiptment was retained for use .  
     Eye witness accounts  state large numbers of Confederate prisoners captured at the Battle of Malvern Hill in July 1862  were equipted with ox skin knapsacks, it is speculated they might have been  left behind by Federal troops and picked up by C.S. forces.
     Further accounts state that Federal forces came upon a fenced area containing hundreds of knapsacks covered with hair at the Battle of Bristoe Station Va., that were left by General Early's Brigade who were the rear guard at this engagement.  It is documented that they were dropped to make a rear action charge and the troops never returned to collect them.  Early's Brigade consisted of  the 13th, 25th,31st,44th,49th, 52nd and 58th Virginia Regiments respectfully.  
     The question here is did French manufacturer Alexis Godillot provide said equiptment for both sides or were these packs passed back and forth on the battlefield.    
     We are offering both documented patterns made from assorted brown/black calfskins with black leather straps and trim.

The original inventory lot that the French sent to America as a sample of their goods.
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