Company F
1st South Carolina
Volunteer Infantry
(Gregg's) / (McGowan's)
"The Horry Rebels"
Lt. General
Thomas J.
Commander of
II Corps
Army of
Northern Vriginia
Maj. General
Ambrose Powell
Commander of
"Hill's Light" Division

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     With secessionist sentiment running high throughout South Carolina, many men joined militia units to prepare for the coming of war. Maxcy Gregg, a secessionist and prominent lawyer from Columbia was commissioned Colonel by Gov. Pickens to raise a regiment of troops. These soldiers were signed into service for a period of six months as many thought the war wouldn't last that long. He had no trouble filling his ranks of men from all parts of the state. Along with Gregg, A. H. Gladden , was named Lt. Col. , he had led the Palmetto Regiment during the Mexican War.  Daniel H. Hamilton, formerly a United States Marshal for the District of South Carolina was appointed Major.

     From February 1861 through the firing upon Ft. Sumter in April, the companies were dispersed around Charleston. Some even coming under artillery fire from the fort. In May of that year the regiment was placed into Confederate States service and moved to Richmond, Va. Only in Richmond for a brief time, the regiment was moved first to Manassas Junction and then on to Fairfax Court House. On the 2nd and 3rd of July, the regiment was taken back to Richmond and disbanded as their 6 month enlistments were up. The regiment went back to South Carolina and reorganized. Lt. Col. Gladden resigned his commission and Maj. Hamilton was promoted in his place. Col. Gregg led 11 companies back to Virginia by Sept. 1, 1861.