1853 Double Bag Knapsack

Riveted Version

     The 1853 Double Bag knapsack was used heavily by both sides in the American Civil War. It measures 15 1/2" x 301/2".
Our pack is of machine and hand sewn construction.

It contains:
All leather attached with correct rivets
back straps with square ends and uncovered buttons
straps with J hooks designed to fasten to the waist belt
painted canvas with period recipe finish
hand finished details with log wood dyed period cotton thread
"Cotton-Twill" ties on inside pocket
Comes with removable frame per originals and Overcoat Straps... 
 (New Photos Coming soon)
Overcoat straps(not included) can be purchased on our accessories page.
Weight: 3lbs
1853 Double Bag Knapsack
Riveted Version
Photos soon

$275.00 USD



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